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Saturday , October 20 2018

The Ebb and Flow of the Tide in West Asia

The capture of Ramadi by the ISF (Iraqi Security Forces) has been termed as a strategic and morale boosting victory for Iraq and the US-led Coalition Forces. However, according to the ISW Intelligence Summary (Dec 19, 2015–Jan 9, 2016), there are pockets of Ramadi, the Capital of Anbar Governorates (Provinces) …

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Chi-Pak’s GB Googly – deft move by Xi

When Americans coined “Af-Pak”, both territories being overseen by US CENTCOM, perhaps there was also the déjà vu of the boundaries changing between the two unofficially or officially. Given those parameters, it would be appropriate to term China and Pakistan as ‘Chi-Pak’, more so as former Pakistani army officer Agha …

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Ministry of Defence Restricts Internet Access for Personnel

NEW DELHI: The defence ministry has tightened rules on cyber security after recent incidents of hacking came to light, restricting Internet access for personnel as well as reiterating directions not to use Wi-Fi and Bluetoothenabled devices in South Block. More worryingly, an internal audit of computer systems at the high-security …

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