Army holds meet to take on terrorists in cyber world


Army holds meet to take on terrorists in cyber worldNEW DELHI: The Army is holding a major cyber warfare workshop for better understanding the disruptive technologies being used by terrorists and building capabilities to counter them.

The Directorate of Indian Defence University (IDU) of the Headquarter Integrated Defence Staff is organising a two-day workshop on ‘exploitation of technology by non-state actors and building capacities of own forces to counter them’ in Delhi. An important discussion will be to understand the capabilities of using technology in counter-terrorist operations. “The workshop intends to cover exploitation of technology across the world by terrorist organisations, exploitation of Dark Web, state support for hybrid war, existing capability in exploitation of technology in counter-terrorist operations and future trends,” said Lt Colonel Mohit Vaishnava.

The chief of Integrated Defence Staff, Lieutenant General PS Rajeshwar, will be addressing the workshop. Officials from the police, intelligence agencies and other services will also be part of it to understand and discuss the use of cyber technologies by nonstate actors.