Cadre restructuring in the Indian Army under deliberation


Cadre restructuring in the Indian Army under deliberationJAIPUR: South Western Army Commander Lieutenant General Cherish Mathson today said the idea of cadre restructuring in the Indian Army was under deliberation.

"There is a review which is going on but nothing has been decided. It is a thought process at this moment and under deliberation, and we all are to offer our recommendations," Mathson told reporters on the sidelines of Army-media seminar here.

He was asked if the Army was considering the idea of cadre restructuring.

The Army commander refused to divulge any further details on the matter.

The Indian Army is said to be working on a major reform initiative under which structural changes may be brought in to make the force 'leaner and meaner'.

According to sources, a high-level committee is considering various options including cadre restructuring as part of the initiative.

They said the aim of the exercise is aimed at readying a larger talent pool for crucial tasks and bringing down the age of those commanding key formations.

Lt Gen Mathson said that the incidents of stone pelting in Jammu and Kashmir have come "under control" now.

"Stone pelting is certainly a challenge and it is for the civil administration to control them and now it has come under control," he said.

The officer also cautioned people against fake messages on social media.

He said that enemy countries carry out information warfare through fake messages and such messages are needed to be identified.

"The younger generation has the tendency of believing whatever that goes viral on the social media, but we need to identify (such stuff)," he said.