Will Indian Army In Kashmir Get A Free Hand Post PDP-BJP Divorce?


The BJP-PDP coalition’s decision to observe a ceasefire during Ramzan came under scrutiny. Even during the ceasefire, the Indian Army had to endure severe casualties. This decision by the BJP-PDP alliance drew great criticism from defence experts. It was only recently that during the ceasefire days and Indian soldier was abducted and murdered in the Kashmir valley. Will the centre now back the Indian Army to go full throttle against terror operations, stone pelters and insurgencies in Kashmir?
Under the BJP-PDP government, radicalisation in Kashmir and the violence remained at peak as some members of the PDP showed a certain soft corner towards the militants in Kashmir. The Indian Army’s morale was down given a restrictive political narrative and frequent attacks by terrorists. Now when there is no political pressure on the Indian Army to oblige the soft stance of the BJP-PDP coalition in Kashmir, will the Indian Army go all guns blazing to regain control over Kashmir?
After Burhan Wani was killed by the Indian Army in July 2016, Kashmir has been on a boil. There have been innumerable incidents of stone pelting, insurgencies, attacks on the Indian Army and all of this has continued perennially even in 2018. Indian Army has been held back from going hard at the stone pelters and at times even the terror outfits. Will the violence in Kashmir finally settle down as the Indian Army is likely to get more power behind it after the BJP-PDP alliance fell apart?
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