Indo-US Ties Need Stronger Economic Bond To Realise Full Potential: Chief Economic Adviser


Subramanian said that there were some aspects of the India-US relationship which were doing extremely well
The India-US relationship cannot realise its full potential without stronger economic bond, Chief Economic Adviser Arvind Subramanian has said.
The chief economic adviser is currently in Washington DC to attend the annual Spring Meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.
Subramanian said that there were some aspects of the India-US relationship which were doing extremely well, especially on the strategic side and the defence side.
“But, I also do believe that in the long run, unless economic ties bind us more closely together, this will always be a kind of relationship that will have not realised its full potential,” he said.
“At this stage it’s really hard for me to come up with really a kind of creative ideas on this,” he said.
Noting that India has benefited from an open global trading system in the past and its economic fortunes in the long run depend on an open trading system, Subramanian said it was “terribly important” for India and the US to work towards sustaining this open relationship.
“So, I think we need to work much more closely together in all forms. I do think that, my own personal view is that, hopefully we’ll ride out the current problems of attitudes to the trading relationships. But in the medium run, it’s up to countries like India, many middle-income countries like India, medium-sized countries to sustain an open global trading environment,” he said.
Asserting that the Indo-Pacific is and is going to continue to be the world’s economic center of gravity for a very long time, Subramanian said India has to be well-positioned in order to both contribute to and take advantage of this kind of opportunity.
“I think, India will also have to prepare itself at some stage to being a part of this whatever the trading relationships that emerged,” he said.
“At some stage we will have to be. We are trying. All that the government is doing is should go some way towards preparing us for this,” the chief economic adviser said.
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