Beijing May Have Upgraded J-10 Fighter to Become Stealthier


Chengdu J-10A fighter of the 132nd Fighter Regiment, based at Luliang AB, Yunnan
The People’s Liberation Army-Air Force has modified the J-10 aircraft to have thrust vector control (TVC) capability, part of the service’s drive to make the aircraft more lethal.
A recent image on a Chinese defence magazine showed the J-10 with a number of upgrades that haven't been seen before, including a new engine with "saw-tooth" edges that make the engine less noticeable on enemy air radars. Engine specialists say that radar signals reflect well off straight lines, but that saw-tooth patterns can smother the radar return.
The American-made F-35 and Russian-made Sukhoi Su-30/35 Flanker series aircraft feature similar engine edges to improve their low observability characteristics, Business Insider notes.
Structure of the thrust deflection nozzle of Shenyang WS-10B Engine
​The TVC aspect of the engine increases the plane's angular velocity during flight by slightly repositioning the engine itself so as to manipulate the thrust created by the engine.
​The new developments will allow the J-10 to make more precise maneuvers in the air while giving pilots more control over altitude changes. The US' F-22 Raptor and the Su-30/35 family of aircraft make use of TVC as well, Defence News noted.
Similar modifications, the USAF tested on the F-16 during the VISTA/MATV and LOAN tests
Beijing has reportedly been interested in TVC research and development for quite some time, but has not mastered TVC as of yet, Andreas Rupprecht, a Chinese military aviation expert, said this week.
IDN NOTE: Until the advent of the J-20 stealth fighter, the Chengdu J-10 was the pinnacle of indigenous Chinese fighter design. It is a single engine delta-canard agile multi-role fighter which was alleged to be a clone of the IAI Lavi design, enhanced through alleged access to Pakistani F-16A examples. The nose and vertical tail shape are however near enough to the F-16 to raise serious questions. — Dr Carlo Kopp
The above picture of the J-10 with TVC ability has not been independently verified for authenticity by Sputnik News. Speaking to Defence News, Rupprecht said the TVC project is likely being used to further examine engine improvements for the more advanced J-20 fighter aircraft.
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