63 Cavalry’s Diamond jubliee: Pakistan Armoured Vehicle Gets Indian Makeover

Pakistan Army’s M-113 Bradely Armored Fighting Vehicle
A RUSTED and corroded piece of captured Pakistani military trophy was salvaged from the Hisar military station and given a new lease of life with the help of Maruti Gypsy spares by an Indian armoured regiment, 63 Cavalry, which was determined to celebrate its diamond jubilee in style.
The M-113 Bradley armoured fighting vehicle was one of the important pieces of Pakistan Army’s military inventory when it was captured in the 1965 Indo-Pak War.
This particular vehicle was displayed in Hisar military station but the 63 Cavalry wanted it to be part of the regimental celebrations which took place in Amritsar earlier this month
The idea to refurbish old equipment came from the Colonel of the Regiment, Lt Gen KJ Singh, who is also the GOC-in-C Western Command. He wanted the regiment to include all armoured cars and tanks used by it over the last 60 years in the diamond jubilee march past.
The M-113 Bradley was a US military equipment and Indian Army never imported it or used it as part of its own inventory but the 63 Cavalry used it as part of the UN equipment during its deployment in Congo in 1962.
However, to put a rusted armoured vehicle, which had been on static display for the past five decades or so was not an easy task.
Given the corroded condition of the vehicle, the regiment first thought that it would be prudent to use it in the display while mounted on a tank transporter vehicle. The fuel system was completely missing and the electrical system had to be restored, not to speak of the rusted engine with jammed pistons.
While the majority of the repair could be done by using T-55 and T-72 tanks systems, but the electrical work was a challenge and the ignition coil used in the original system was not available in India.
However, the Regiment’s Light Repair Workshop, run by the Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers (EME), did some research and dveleopment of thueir own and configured the spares of a Maruti Gypsy to bring the tank to life.
But this was not the only vintage equipment brought back to life for the 63 Cavalry celebrations. The regiment executed a herculean exercise to repair forgotten pieces of equipment such as the Stuart Mark-IV tank, Humber, Daimler and Ferret armoured cars, PT-76 light amphibious tank, Vijayanta tank and T-55 tank.
In another special effort, 63 Cavalry also identified and invited veterans of the regiment who had operated these vintage fighting vehicles when they had been in service. On the day of the diamond judilee parade, these long retired veterans donned the black dungaree of the armoured corps and their regimental insignia once again and took part in the parade astride the vehicles.

Source: Defense News